My balance disappeared

The possible cause for this could be:

- the session is disconnected due to server issues or loss of internet connection,

- closing the browser by mistake during an active session,

- having an open game, but user not taking any action (spinning). After a certain time, the game will go on standby and ask you to reload.

- game session crashed.

In these cases there are two possible ways to solve the issue:

1. Please try to reload the same game. If you entered the same session successfully, then you can close the session by clicking "Exit". You will then get the money back to your account.

2. If the first step did not solve the issue, and you are not able to reconnect to the same session, we kindly ask you for some patience. In cases like these, the system will automatically return the funds back to the account after a maximum of 240 minutes.

Please be assured there is no way any funds could get lost in our casino.


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